• How do I request either a telephone or Skype to Skype consultation?

    On the Ask a Question page provide the required information, with only a brief description of the issue(s) to be discussed and, at the bottom of the page select the ‘Response Type’ as ‘Phone or Skype.’ You will then be directed to PayPal to prepay for the consultation. The next step is we will contact you to arrange a time for the consultation.

  • Why haven’t I received any emails or notifications regarding my question, answer, or request for consultation?

    First, check your junk mail or spam folder, as our emails may have been sent there in error by your email system. Second, if there is any possibility that you initially provided us with an incorrect or old email address, see the Support link below and send us your correct email address. Important: If you are providing us with an updated email address you MUST include a very brief sentence describing the general topic of your question so that we may verify that you are the person who originally submitted the question or requested the consultation.

  • For assistance with using the services offered on our site: askachildpsych@drsamhackworth.com

    For inquiries about any billing issues: askachildpsych@drsamhackworth.com

    Please note that none of the above email addresses can be used to formally submit a question for answer. To do so, please use the Ask a Question page and complete the required process, including prepayment.